Red Mite Treatment For Poultry Farming

Red Mite Control UK works directly with poultry farmers to provide a safe and effective treatment of Red Mites for your hens which lasts up to 40 weeks. Poultry Red Mites (Dermanyssus gallinae) are a common parasite of birds and poultry and they can be difficult to treat effectively. The Red Mites feed predominately on the blood of the birds, but can also feed on skin and feathers. They feed for 1-2 hours at a time, but can survive up to eight months between feeds, making effective treatment important. They hide away in cracks and crevices in the housing, where they also lay their eggs. This can make it easy to miss their presence if examining the flock during the day.


Large infestations in your birds can lead to high levels of stress and reduced egg production and if not treated, can lead to the death of the birds.


Red Mites have a waxy exoskeleton and will rapidly dry out and die once this is damaged. We provide treatment using food grade Diatomaceous Earth.